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Need a laugh? This blog is just what you need!

The tv has spoken

so i remember about two weeks ago this guy from my class was like me and my cat are soulmates we’re always together and i thought he’s just weird but then this happened i am 750% done with this place

Sooooo, I must have been living under a rock because I am just finding out about the “I ate your Halloween candy” prank.



I saw this on Facebook, though it was worth a share.
Dear chris,I came back from a hard walk down to the grass market to find that you had put cups of water all around my room, and writen on my door “revenge kenny” with tooth paste.This was a mild inconvenience.
So upon finding this we at 18/3 started plotting on how to return the favour. So i put it to you Chris.I WANT TO PLAY A GAME.As you can see from the following photo I have taken your door handle and the 4 screws to hold it ont the door.I have also taken all the cups of water from my room and placed them outside your room, following this I took the water which we used to clean the tooth paste off my door and filled some of the cups with it.In several of these cups are hidden the 4 screws.My game to you is you must drink EVERY cup of water/toothpaste to then find the 4 screws. You may be thinking you can just empty them out and find the screws that way rather than drinking them. However unless you actually drink them ALL, I will not give you the clue as to where your door handle is hidden.The choice is your Chris…Stay locked out.or drink it all.



I don’t know if anyone has watched Spirited away, but if you have, you’ll know what I mean when I say the fat turnip spirit makes me smile every time I see him.

Turnip spirit

And his little dance is just magnificent.

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Need a laugh? This blog is just what you need!



if u listen closely tonight u can hear the sound of every white girl in a hundred mile radius drawing cat whiskers on their face

i didnt want to reblog this but then i checked my facebook newsfeed and





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